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Significant Gestures

Urban Art Space Installation Shot

This series of work, created from 2019-2020, was inspired by social theories that have captured my interest, particularly the work from the symbolic interactionist school of thought, which focuses on everyday interactions and social situations. I ask questions about the impact of public vs private space on our relationships with one another, the tensions associated with different kinds of group dynamics, and the way we present ourselves in our everyday life. Materially, the work is informed by social research itself; I pull techniques from different kinds of art-making practices, namely painting, drawing and sculpture, just as I gather social data through multiple methodologies. In the same way that we construct our social worlds, I physically build off of these works, sculpting onto them with cardboard, foam and canvas. Some areas are rendered in great detail, others are more gestural, and some fall away entirely. In attempting to make cohesive, impactful pieces from a wide variety of materials and applications, I hope to illustrate the disparate elements from which we assemble our complex lives.

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